The elementary school academic program is in keeping with what the Department of Education prescribes. In S.Y. 2012-2013, the elementary school started implementing the K to 12 curriculum. However, the basic content of the curriculum is enriched by offering science subject in grades 1 and 2 and by separating the teaching language and reading. A course in swimming has also been integrated in MSEP.


The well-trained and competent teachers, who are at the helm of instruction, make sure that the basic competencies are acquired and fully mastered by the children through age-appropriate and learner-centered strategies where the students are given opportunities to think critically and to construct their own ideas. These are complemented by modern facilities, rich multimedia resources, and just enough co-curricular activities meant to holistically develop the learners.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide knowledge and develop skills, attitudes, and values essential to a person’s total development and necessary for living and coping with various situations in a fast-developing and changing milieu.
  2. To promote and intensify the child’s love for the nation, its cultural heritage, and its people.
  3. To provide experiences which will develop the child’s orientation to the world of work and his/her creativity, and will make him prepared to engage in gainful work.
  4. To provide learning experiences which will equip the child with the necessary skills and competencies which he/she needs to pursue the requirements of education.