The preschool academic program constitutes interesting and developmentally appropriate activities meant to cultivate the skills and competencies of children who are 3-5 years old. This program hopes to provide a venue for these children’s holistic development as emergent literates and make them prepared for the grade school and for lifelong learning.   The learning experiences are structured and organized in three levels — the Junior Casa, Advance Casa and the Preparatory or Kindergarten. Competent and well-trained teachers provide lessons in Reading and Language, Mathematics, Cultural Arts, Filipino and Christian Living using strategies that address the needs and interest of the learners. These strategies are complemented by multi-level educational materials designed primarily for the development of the different domains.   Storytelling, arts and crafts, puppet shows, play-based activities, and the three-period lesson adapted from the Montessori method are typical in the classroom.   The preschool program adheres to the principles that each child is a unique learner and that he should be encouraged and motivated to achieve his fullest potential.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide a venue for the child’s total development (physical, social, moral, spiritual, emotional and cognitive) so that he/she may be able to adjust and cope with life situations within the context of his/her experiences.
  2. To maximize the child’s fullest potential through a variety of carefully selected and meaningful learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate to his/her interest and capabilities.
  3. To develop the child’s sensorial, linguistic and numeric skills becoming his/her age through various Montessori materials ingeniously designed for this purpose.