The high school academic program adheres to the DepEd prescribed curriculum. In S.Y. 2012-2013, the high school started implementing the K to 12 curriculum. The basic content is enriched further by offering Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Statistics and Trigonometry and Calculus as elective subjects. The teaching of communication arts and literature has been increased to 80 minutes. This provides for more effective learning and acquisition of the basic communication skills. listening, speaking, reading, writing and viewing.


Varied co-curricular activities are provided for the holistic development of the high school student. Moreover, these activities are opportunities and ideal venues for training for leadership and for making them socially aware, proactive and involved in public and civic affairs.


The secondary education program of the school is so designed to make the students adequately prepared for tertiary schooling.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To develop in the student an enlightened commitment to the national ideals and desirable aspects of the Filipino cultural heritage.
  2. To promote and develop positive moral, spiritual and social values.
  3. To inculcate desirable attitudes for understanding the nature and purpose of man, thereby promoting a keen sense of self, family and national and international communities.
  4. To develop the skills in higher intellectual operations and more complex comprehension and expression activities, and in thinking intelligently, critically and analytically.
  5. To enhance the different aptitudes and interests of the student so that he/she can prepare for tertiary schooling.