The Montessori De Sagrada Familia is a basic education institution that adheres to constructivism as a paradigm for teaching and learning. The school posits that quality basic education is characterized by its students’ adequate preparation for tertiary schooling, responsive social awareness, high moral and ethical standards, sound physical and socio-emotional health, strong sense of family and most importantly ability to construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world.




Montessori De Sagrada Familia envisions to be a learning hub for creativity and innovation that will produce graduates endowed with the Sagradan attributes of nationalism, service orientation, critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, media and information literacy and transformative collaboration strengthened by the core values of the Holy Family of Nazareth, with Jesus Christ at its center, and Mary and Joseph as caring and discerning guides.


The mission of Montessori De Sagrada Familia is the provision of quality basic education that will produce global citizens who are endowed with the Sagradan attributes, and who exemplify the core values of love and justice, sense of family, self-discipline, excellence, and servant leadership.


Imbued and inspired by the Sagradan attributes and the core values lived and exemplified by the Holy Family of Nazareth, Montessori De Sagrada Familia shall endeavor to:

  • Adapt the 21st-century learner-centered approach to teaching and learning
  • Provide and sustain a relevant holistic curriculum that strongly integrates the values of the Holy Family of Nazareth
  • Become a learning school organization
  • Provide a safe and conducive learning environment equipped with modern and state-of-the-art facilities