Families who reside in nearby towns and barangays choose to enroll their children in Montessori De Sagrada Familia because of its proximity and accessibility. MDSF is located in Tangos Baliwag, Bulacan, 500 meters away from the Baliwag Junction/Crossing where vehicles coming from different neighboring towns intersect and around 1.5kms away from the Baliwag town proper.  On the other side of Tangos are neighboring barangays of Candaba Pampanga where a portion of Sagradan students resides.

Conducive School Facilities

The 40,000 sqm institution is subdivided into three campuses: preschool, elementary and high school.  Each campus is provided with its complete set of facilities and learning resources available for students and teachers. Drop off and pick up areas are clearly identified and there is sufficient space for parking areas for each department.


Well-kept and maintained classrooms and student learning facilities are situated in areas significantly distant from the main road and parking areas. Class sizes are regulated to further promote effective delivery of instruction and learning.  Classrooms have sufficient daylight, ventilation and temperature and are regularly cleaned by the maintenance staff.

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Safety Culture

Each school gate is stationed by personnel/staff that operate an attendance monitoring system. The school also promotes the practice of safety and preparedness as shown in its infrastructure and contingency plans. Pedestrians are provided with pedestrian lanes and a footbridge that connects the elementary and high school departments.  All campuses are also certified to be flood free due to proper sewage and drainage system.

Campus Management Personnel

Beltran, Glenn Paul G.
Campus Management Officer

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Baliwag University