Payment of Tuition and School Fees

The following are the modes of payment accepted by Montessori De Sagrada Familia, Inc. for payment of tuition and school fees:


All transactions shall be accepted using Philippine Peso currency.

Cash transactions may be done through a) the school’s cashier (once the enhanced community quarantine is lifted) or b) any of the school’s accredited banks (please see section D. below).


All checks must follow the following format:

Overstated and stale checks are not accepted.
Checks must be clean and written legibly with no erasures, alterations, or missing information on its face (pursuant to PCHC Circular No. 15-460.A)

IMPORTANT: One check must be prepared per student per enrollment package for the school year. Enrollment package includes the following: Registration Fee, Tuition Fee, Books, Energy Fee, Research and Development Fee. Check payments other than those included in the enrollment package (outstanding fees, etc.) must be made separately.

Official receipt of checks dishonored or returned for whatever reason will be cancelled automatically by the Finance Department. The management has the right not to further accept check payments from payors with records of returned/dishonored checks.

C. CREDIT CARD (applicable only via online payment)

As of May 17, 2021, straight payments with any Mastercard, VISA, JCB is accepted. Please be informed that there will be additional 3.53% bank charges on top of the tuition and fees to be shouldered by the Payor. There shall be an additional 0.75% cross border fee for international cards transactions.

Families interested in paying through this method may send an email to [email protected] and our finance associate will get in touch with you.

Kindly observe the following e-mail format:

Subject: Request for Credit Card Online Payment

School Year:
Student ID No:
Student Name: (Last Name, Given Names)
Mode of Payment: (Cash, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly)
Parent/Legal Guardian mobile number:
Philippine-issued credit card: (Yes or No)
Amount to Pay: based on Registration Assessment Form


As of April 23, 2020, our Sagradan families may pay their tuition and fees through the following bank accounts (over-the-counter OTC or online banking). Before choosing the selected online banking service provider or over-the-counter bank payments, the payor should be aware of the additional charges that may incur due to bank transfers.

Bank Account No: 0025-2802-1648
Bank Account Name: Montessori De Sagrada Familia, Inc.
Branch: Baliwag Branch

Bank Account No: 0721-0169-19
Bank Account Name: MDSF
Branch: Baliuag Branch

Bank Account No: 399-7-399-01363-8
Bank Account Name: MDSF
Branch: Baliuag Trinidad Branch

Please send an email of the deposit slip to [email protected] and indicate in your email (for over the counter bank payments) or the remarks section (for online banking) the following information for us to properly account and apply your payment to its respective student ledger.

Kindly observe the following format:

Subject: Tuition Fee Payment

School Year:
Student ID:
Student Name: (Last Name, Given Names)
Mode of Payment: (Cash, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly)
Parent/Legal Guardian mobile number:
Amount Paid:

The deposit/payment slip validated by the bank will serve as your official receipt for the meantime. Always keep a copy of the validated deposit/payment slip. The finance department has encountered payments with no deposit slip and we have no other means of validation. No deposit slip, no official receipt, no processing of enrollment. Please wait for confirmation, which may take at least 3 to 5 banking days.

Only the Cashier of the Finance Department is authorized by the School to receive payments.

If you have any concerns, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (044) 766-1714 or (044) 766-1313.