PE Classes

The MDSF Swim Center is in partnership with the country’s best swim program provider, the Bert Lozada Swim School. The 50 year old swim school aims to develop among students water safety skills, scientific swimming skills and also competitive swimming.  Having affiliations with national and international swim organizations, the Bert Lozada Swim Program features a swim curriculum where students are given interactive, developmental swim lessons conducted in a progressive manner.

Learn to Swim Program (Year-round)

Aside from the PE classes that are made available to every Sagradan, MDSF Swim Center also offers year-round learn to swim program for all ages (3-80yrs old). The program is open to Sagradans and non-Sagradans who want to learn how to swim. Most of the families who enroll in this learn to swim program prefer to give their children the advantage to be confident and happy in the water.  Learning how to swim is not only for kids. Adults at any age can also start their fitness and healthy lifestyle journey by trying to learn how to swim.

Varsity Training - Swim Club

Swimming is a very beneficial cardio activity.  Students and adults who enroll in our swim club are given a set of workout program and drills that primarily aim to build endurance, strength and muscle development.

Swimming Competitions

The MDSF Swim Center is also a venue for swimming competitions and other corporate and family affairs.


MDSF Learn to Swim Program
MDSF Learn to Swim Program
MDSF Learn to Swim Program
MDSF Learn to Swim Program

Swim Program Partner; Bert Lozada Swim School