Q: What will be the mode of learning for the SY 2021-2022?

A: The school will continue with its Learning Continuity Programs: FLY, SAFE and PLAY Programs. As discussed by the school principal during the Town Hall Meeting with Parents last February 5, 2021, the school has no plans of conducting any form of face-to-face classes for the SY 2021-2022.

If the Department of Education orders all private educational institutions to hold face-to-face classes in the middle of the school year, there will be consultative meetings with other stakeholders (parents, teachers and LGU). This is to assess the safety, readiness and capacity of the school and the willingness of the parents. Parents will be given the option whether to allow their children to attend face-to-face classes or not.

Q: Will there be new policies for the next SY 2021-2022?

A: Yes. At the moment, the members of the Academic Committee are revising the academic policies for the SY 2021-2022. These new academic policies are based on the feedback and suggestions of the stakeholders (parents, teachers and students). These will be discussed during the parents’ and students’ orientations on July 2021.

Q: Are there additional learning resources that my family needs to prepare for the next SY?

A. The learning materials and resources that have been created in the learning management system are sufficient for the learners to acquire the competencies and skills prescribed by the DepEd. Textbooks for all subjects will not be prescribed to students for the SY 2021-2022. Instead, there will only be selected subjects per grade level that will require the use of a textbook.

In addition, all Sagradans in the FLY and SAFE programs will be required to turn on their web cameras during virtual meetings in the morning to further ensure the humanization of the online learning experience. Sagradan families with weak and unstable internet connection are strongly advised to upgrade their bandwidth in order to create a seamless virtual learning experience.

The list of materials for PETAs and experiential learning activities will also be provided to families during the enrollment season in order to prepare for the upcoming school year. The school is also planning to provide “learning kits” containing school supplies that will be needed all throughout the school year. Families may purchase these learning kits at an additional cost from the school’s bookstore.

Sagradan families are also encouraged to assess whether the learning setup of their child for this current school year has been contributory to healthy and positive study habits and academic progress. If there is a need to modify the location of their child’s study area or if there are rules and changes that need to be implemented in order to create a space that is conducive to learning, the summer period is the time to create these plans.

Q: Can I reserve my child for the SY 2021-2022?

A: Yes, parents of old students may reserve a slot for their child through this link.

Q. How much is the reservation fee? Is it refundable?

A. Reservation fee is P5,000 and will be deducted on your total payables upon enrollment. It is non-refundable but it can be used for the succeeding school year. The reserved slot is valid until June 18, 2021.

Q. Where can I view the school fees?

A. Please click this link and follow the steps to view the school fees for SY 2021-2022.

Q: Will the school offer summer classes?

A: There will be non-academic classes offered in June. These will be announced soon. A trial class for reserved new students will also be held on May 24-28. In addition, a Bridge Program for reserved incoming grade 1 students (old and new) will be offered as a way of preparing them for the new learning setup in the lower grade school.

Q: Can my child still access his Scholastic Learning Zone account in summer?

A: Yes. Summer is the perfect time for your child to read virtual books for pleasure.

Q: When is the enrollment period?

A: The enrollment period for old students is from May 8, 2021 to July 2, 2021.

Q. What are the enrollment procedures?

A: Parents may enroll onsite and online. Please see the procedures below:

A. Online enrollment procedures for old students:

Step 1: Parents need to reactivate their parent portal account at www.mdsfonline.com for the next school year 2021-2022. In the enrollment tab, the parent shall:

  1.  “Enroll” each child for SY 2021-2022.
  2. Sign waivers and other documents.
  3. Select mode of payment
  4. View the Registration Assessment Form (RAF)
  5. Pay and upload the proof of payment of school fees

Step 2: Parents will receive a notification of the following: LMS and Parent Portal account and password.
Step 3: Issuance of school ID

B. On-site enrollment procedures for old students:

Step 1: Signing of waivers
Step 2: Assessment
Step 3: Payment of School Fees
Step 4: Issuance of School ID
Step 5: Issuance of LMS and Parent Portal login credentials 

Parents and guardians will be required to practice the COVID-19 protocols while inside the school premises. Please click this link to view the school’s safety protocols.

Q. If I pay in full (cash), will there be a discount?

A. Yes. Parents may avail of the cash discount until one month after the opening of classes.

Q. Can I pay on an installment basis?

A. School fee payments may be paid semi-annually, quarterly and monthly.

Q. Aside from cash, do you accept credit card and check payments?

A. Yes. We accept bank checks for cash and installment payments. We also accept credit card payments for straight payments. However, the payor shall shoulder corresponding bank charges (3.5%) and additional (0.70%) international cross border fee.

Q. Aside from the school’s cashier, where else can I pay school fees?

A. For bank to bank transfer, mobile banking and over the bank counter payment details, please click this link.

Q. Does the school give a discount to parents with 3 or more children?

A. Yes. Families with 3 enrollees are granted with 5% discount from the tuition fee of the third child. Families with 4 enrollees are granted with 10% discount from the tuition fee of the fourth child.

Q. What is your policy on refunding school fees?

A. For policy on refund of school fees, click this link.

Q. How will I know my child’s previous S.Y. balance?

A. Parents may view their child’s outstanding balance for the previous school year via the parent portal. You may also send an email at finance@mdsf.edu.ph.

FOR JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Q. What is FAPE subsidy and what are the requirements for my child to become a FAPE Subsidy Grantee (for incoming Grade7)?

A. For families of incoming Grade 7 enrollees, please be informed that our school is a FAPE (Fund for Assistance to Private Education) accredited institution. The Educational Service Contracting (ESC) Program grants eligible students tuition fee subsidy during their high school years. Slots for the subsidy program are limited. It is strongly advisable for interested families to place their reservation in order for their child to avail of the program.

Please see the requirements below in order for your child to be qualified as an ESC Grantee.

  1. 2×2 Picture (2 copies)
  2. PSA Birth Certificate – Certified True Copy (photocopy)
  3. Certificate of Tax Exemption or Municipal Certification of Unemployment of parents or guardians or Certificate of Indigency (to be issued by the Baranggay )
  4. Must be a Filipino citizen

During enrollment, your child will be automatically categorized as an ESC Grantee given there are still slots available. However, should there be any failure of submission to the School Registrar of above requirements before the given deadline (to be announced by the School Registrar), the Registrar has the right to remove the student from the list of FAPE Grantees and his student account ledger shall automatically be adjusted accordingly. For further clarifications and questions, please send us a direct message on our official Facebook page, Montessori De Sagrada Familia or you may email us at registrar@mdsf.edu.ph (Subject : ESC Grantee Inquiry) or call us at (044) 766 1714 / (044) 766 1313.

Q. When is the start of classes?

A: There will be an orientation week for parents and students a week before the classes start. Opening of classes will be on July 21, 2021.