Q. Where can I view the school fees?

A. To receive a copy of school fees, kindly click this link https://www.mdsf.edu.ph/tuition-fee-inquiry-2020/ and fill out the information box. Expect a copy of school fees within the day.

Q. When is the start of classes?

A. There will be an orientation week for parents and students during the month of July. Classes will officially start on August 3, 2020.

Q. What are the enrollment procedures?

A. Online enrollment procedure is LAUNCHING SOON. To be guided by our face-to-face enrollment procedure, please see below:

Step 1. Given the present pandemic situation, the entrance examination for student applicants has been waived.

Step 2. Sign waivers and other documents.

Step 3. Secure registration and assessment.

Step 4. Pay school fees.

Step 5. Register in the Parent Portal.

Q. How much is the reservation fee? Is it refundable?

A. Reservation fee is P5,000 and will be deducted on your total payables upon enrollment. It is non-refundable but it can be used for the succeeding school year.

Q. If I pay in full (cash), will there be a discount?

A. Yes. Parents may avail of the cash discount until one month after the opening of classes.

Q. Can I pay on an installment basis?

A. School fee payments may be paid semi-annually, trimesterly and monthly.

Q. Aside from cash, do you accept credit card and check payments?

A. Yes. We accept bank checks for cash and installment payments. We also accept credit card payments for straight payments. However, the payor shall shoulder corresponding bank charges (3.5%) and additional (0.70%) international cross border fee.

Q. Aside from the school’s cashier, where else can I pay school fees?

A. For bank to bank transfer, mobile banking and over the bank counter payment details, please click this link: https://www.mdsf.edu.ph/other-payment-options/

Q. Do you give discount to parents with 3 or more children?

  • Yes.
  • Families with 3 enrollees are granted with 5% discount from the tuition fee of the third child.
  • Families with 4 enrollees are granted with 10% discount from the tuition fee of the fourth child.

Q. How will I know my child’s previous S.Y. balance?

A. Parents may view their child’s outstanding balance for the previous school year via the parent portal. You may also send an email at finance@mdsf.edu.ph.

Q. What is FAPE subsidy and what are the requirements for my child to become FAPE Subsidy Grantee (for incoming Grade7)?

A. For families of incoming Grade 7 enrollees, please be informed that our school is a FAPE (Fund for Assistance to Private Education) accredited institution. The Educational Service Contracting (ESC) Program grants eligible students tuition fee subsidy during their high school years. Slots for the subsidy program are limited. It is strongly advisable for interested families to place their reservation in order for their child to avail of the program.

Please see the requirements below in order for your child to be qualified as an ESC Grantee.

1. 2×2 Picture (2 copies)

2. PSA Birth Certificate – Certified True Copy (photocopy)

3. Certificate of Tax Exemption or Municipal Certification of Unemployment of parents or guardians or Certificate of Indigency (to be issued by the Baranggay )

4. Must be a Filipino citizen

During enrollment, your child will be automatically categorized as an ESC Grantee given there are still slots available. However, should there be any failure of submission to the School Registrar of above requirements before the given deadline (to be announced by the School Registrar), the Registrar has the right to remove the student from the list of FAPE Grantees and his student account ledger shall automatically be adjusted accordingly. For further clarifications and questions, please send us a direct message on our official Facebook page, Montessori De Sagrada Familia or you may email us at registrar@mdsf.edu.ph (Subject : ESC Grantee Inquiry) or call us at (044) 766 1714 / (044) 766 1313.

Q. What is the flexible e-learning program of MDSF?

A. To see the details of the school’s F.L.Y. Sagradan and S.A.F.E. Programs, click here.

Q. Will my child still use books or e-books?

A. Books will still be provided by the school.

Q. Will my child utilize online learning for the rest of the school year?

A. The school will utilize the flexible e-learning program for the entire school year 2020-2021. This is the safest learning modality for K-12 students during COVID-19 pandemic.

Q. What if I do not want my child to go back to school until there is a vaccine/cure for COVID-19?

A. The safety of our students is our priority. Parents have the option to utilize e-learning/learning from home for as long as they think it is the safest mode of learning for their children during a pandemic.

Q. What is the status of my child’s graduation?

A. Technically, your child is already considered as a “completer”/graduate of his previous curriculum program (Kindergarten, Elementary, Senior High). The graduation rites are currently postponed. The school will release a survey for parents of graduate students to assess whether the ceremonies will be canceled or be held on a later date. If graduation rites are canceled, the school will release a partial refund of the graduation fee. Other than the graduation rites, the graduation fees include: yearbook, diploma, souvenir/graduation portrait, etc.)

Q. I cannot enroll my child because of the UPLINK balance, will it still push through?

A. Please contact the Finance Department and look for Ms. Yolly, our Senior Finance Associate. UPLink is conducting an online trial class on May 12, 2020 at 1-5pm. Enrolled students will receive a communication from the said review class provider.